At REE, we recognize that our people are the most invaluable asset of our business. Consequently, our approach to developing our business strategy consistently centers on prioritizing human resources as the focal point.


Human Resource Development

We are deeply committed to cultivating a skilled workforce through structured and timely reward policies that directly tie human resource efficiency to our company’s growth. Our managers benefit from expert-led training sessions to enhance their operational knowledge. Additionally, our group promotes talent development via job rotations, nurturing leadership skills across member companies.

REE.S Youth Resource Recruitment & Development Program – NEXT GEN IN MISSION

In line with our commitment to sustainable development, we prioritize the discovery, nurturing, and development of human resources in our long-term plans.

A notable initiative in this regard is REE.S – Next Gen in Mission, a meticulously designed program by the REE Group to attract and cultivate young talents. In its inaugural season, 13 recent graduates or individuals with less than 1 year of experience were selected from hundreds of candidates to join the REE.S team.

Upon integration into our subsidiaries, these talented individuals undergo a comprehensive training journey tailored to their roles and projects within the Group. They also receive full remuneration and benefits, ensuring a rewarding and productive professional journey.


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