The event of REE Land launching The Light Square project took place on the morning of December 9, 2023.

REE Land is a member company of the REE group established in 1977, and REE is one of the first two joint stock companies listed on the Vietnam stock exchange. REE is a multi-industry corporation operating in many fields: mechanical and electrical refrigeration, energy, water and environment, and real estate.

With all the respect and love for the homeland of Thai Binh, the appearance of the treasure – The Light Square – The first commercial housing project combining walking street and light square in Thai Binh. This is a project that cherishes much enthusiasm for REE Land, not only aiming to create an elite residential community but also hoping to create a unique convergence destination with Thai Binh City, contributing a small part to local prosperity.


The Light Square project is built on the old land of the Thai Binh Provincial Military Command, with a total land area of 19,375.2 m2, promising to become one of the new modern residential areas. In Thai Binh, with a limited scale of only 45 “Precious,” including 07 villas, 11 townhouses, 27 shophouses, and high-rise apartment blocks, it is planned to be deployed in 2025.


The timeless beauty of Neoclassical architecture inspires the project; REE Land puts enthusiasm into every detail of design and architecture, with modern construction materials and the entire internal road infrastructure. Internal walkways and sidewalks are paved with natural stone, and upgrading interior amenities creates a particular highlight. That makes a new classy residential area.


The REE Land team believes and commits that The Light Square will be a real estate project that possesses investment potential and ensures quality, economic benefits, and sustainability in Thai Binh City. REE Land is highly honored to welcome the presence and interest of distinguished guests at Launching Event of The Light Square project.

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