On the evening of November 9, 2021, REE Solar Energy was honored to receive the “Project Developer of the Year 2021” award from Leader Associates, a leading global renewable energy event organizer.

The Solar Future Awards 2021 is an annual event designed to honor exemplary businesses that have significantly contributed to the success of Vietnam’s Solar Energy industry. This year, the event was held online to present awards to businesses in three main categories: Solar Energy Industry Leadership Awards, Solar Energy Business Excellence Awards, and Innovation Excellence Awards.

With a total capacity of 102 MWp in rooftop solar projects for industrial and commercial buildings across 13 provinces nationwide, REE Solar Energy surpassed over 100 candidates to proudly receive the “Project Developer of the Year 2021” award in the Solar Energy Industry Leadership Awards category.

REE Solar Energy nhận giải thưởng “Project Developer of the Year 2021”.

Rooftop solar energy, a distributed energy form, is installed on the roofs of existing buildings to provide self-consumed electricity for factories and sell surplus electricity to the EVN grid. This form of energy not only helps reduce investment costs in power sources and transmission lines for the electric sector but also allows manufacturing businesses to access clean energy sources, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and offering lower costs than traditional electricity sources. It is a key solution for businesses participating in the energy transition, building an image of green growth and sustainable development.

As a member of REE Corporation (HSX: REE), REE Solar Energy plays an important role in the value chain from mechanical and electrical engineering to energy infrastructure investment. The entire design, construction, installation, and operation management is undertaken by the experienced engineering team of REE M&E and REEPRO. With a plan to reach a total capacity of 500 MWp by 2025, REE Solar Energy contributes to increasing the investment proportion of renewable energy to 75% in REE’s total power sector investment. Previously, HSBC provided the first “green credit” in the energy sector in Vietnam for REE Solar Energy and REERPO.

Đội ngũ O&M đang kiểm tra, bảo trì một dự án do REE Solar Energy đầu tư.

This award recognizes REE Solar Energy’s contributions to the energy sector in general and the Southern power system in particular. REE Solar Energy aims to continue this success with a goal of achieving a total capacity of 500 MWp by 2025. “We believe that with the zero CAPEX, zero O&M solution (REE Solar Energy will invest all project development, installation, and operation management costs; Customers buy electricity at a lower price than traditional sources) will bring immense value to the power system, electricity users, and the social environment,” said Mr. Le Van Dien, Executive Director of REE Solar Energy.

For free investment in solar power systems, contact REE Solar Energy:
Ms. Nguyen Dinh Thuy Vy – Business Development Manager
Mobile: +84 88 9119 369
Email: vy.ndt@reesolar.com.vn

Source: Kinh tế Sài gòn Online